Professor Abdulkareem cautions on licit-for-illicit drugs

The surge in the use of licit, over-the-coun

ter drugs for psychoactive purposes by youths, especially students across the campuses, has monstrous effects on their health and general well-being and the implication for the nation, formed the major planks of discussion on Wednesday October 17, 2012 when officers of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, paid a courtesy call on the University Management.

As part of his familiarization programme to formations, institutions, organizations and government agencies, the newly posted Commander for Kwara State, Mr. Segun Oke, in company of other officers was in Al Hikmah University, as he said, “to convey the goodwill message of the NDLEA Headquarters and explore areas of collaborations between the Agency and the University”
The Vice Chancellor, Professor Sulyman Age Abdulkareem, while welcoming the officers said the University from inception had established a cordial relationship with the NDLEA and had remained a major collaborator especially in its efforts to ensure that its environment was drug-free.

Professor Abdulkareem said as a faith-based institution with strong emphasis on morals, the University would do anything to maintain its drug-free status while monitoring and getting the students properly counseled on drug use.

He however noted that it was time the Agency took a more critical look at the scourge of licit-for-illicit, a situation where some class of over-the-counter drugs that ought to be beneficial are actually turning some youths into drug addicts.
According to him, it was apparent that more youths are getting a kick from some drugs through a mis-use, a situation that should give the nation and especially the NDLEA and similar government agencies a concern.

The Vice Chancellor expressed the view that the Agency should create sensitization programmes across the campuses to stave off, what he called a dangerous situation. “There is need for synergy between NDLEA, related agencies and higher education managers across the country to apply knowledge and understanding, share experience and ideas, before the situation gets out of hand” He said.
While responding to the Vice Chancellor’s observation, Oke said the NDLEA Headquarters was aware of the platform the University campuses offer for sensitization and holistic dealings, with youths on drug use, assuring that it would explore all avenues and tactics to deal with the situation.

The NDLEA, he said considered the fight against drug abuse and other related offences, especially among the youths in higher institutions of learning, as its highest priority noting that they are the right instrument that it could employ to broadcast the campaign against drug use and abuse in the society.
The Commander said he was delighted by the Vice Chancellor’s pledge to partner with the agency in its crusade against drug abuse across the campuses.

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