[column size=”2-3″ style=”0″ last=”0″]The College of the Humanities is one of the Colleges with which Al-Hikmah University commenced its academic programmes for undergraduates during the 2005/2006 Academic Session. The College has, at present, five (5) Academic Departments with six (6) degree programmes.  The Departments are Languages, History and International Studies, Islamic Studies, Political Science and Conflict Resolution and Mass Communication.  The College intends to establish the Departments of Geography and Environmental Science and include Yoruba and French in its Language Programmes in the near future.

The College has additional programmes, viz:-

(a)   Diploma Programmes: –

  •  Diploma /Certificate in Arabic and Islamic Studies
  •  Diploma in International Relations


(b)      Proficiency Programmes:-

  • Arabic Language (Conversational)
  • Qur’anic Recitation
  • Islamic Studies


The main emphasis of each of the Departments is the evaluation of past and contemporary issues in the affairs of the African Society and how such issues have been influenced by developments in other parts of the world, especially the political, cultural, social and economic dimensions of such developments.


The Philosophy of the College is the promotion of academic excellence and research in the diverse fields of the Humanities for the benefit of mankind.

The main Objectives of the College of the Humanities include:-

  • The provision of specialized training for both undergraduate and post-graduate  students in the major disciplines of the Arts or Humanities.
  • The provision and co-ordination of academic programmes in the liberal arts for the benefit of students in other Colleges of the Institution.
  •  The provision of effective communication skills through its Language and Mass     Communication programmes for both staff and students of the College and those in   other Colleges in the University.


The Academic programme and research initiatives of the College of the Humanities are broad based and beneficial to the society.


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Department of History and International Studies

Department of Islamic Studies

Department of Languages

Department of Mass Communication

Department of Political Science and Conflict Resolution




  • I want my son to study internation relations with you university what do ido

    Looking admission for my son.What are the procedures and requirement for international relation course and how to obtain admission form.
    Thank you.

    • Idris O. Ibraheem

      You can check your email sir, i have sent you the details regarding your request

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