Quick tip on Internet facilities

Kehinde Odeyale

Quick tip on how to access Internet facilities

  1.      Goto wireless setting on your mobile phone or laptop
  2.      ON the WiFi
  3.     from the list of available WiFi around your location, choose the strongest one with full bar (Note: any available WiFi with lock sign can’t be connected to)
  4.     After connecting to the WiFi a login page will be pop up through the Web browser
  5.    Type in your username (I. E. your matric no or staff no in lower case) and password
  6.     Then click on sign in

Quick tip on how to identify Internet down time

  1.     ON your WiFi and check if there is any available WiFi. If YES
  2.     Connect to any and try visiting alhikmah.edu.ng or
  3.     If it’s show the login page then there is Internet else
  4.     If it shows connection cannot be established then the network is down

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