Accessibility and Utilization of Electronic Information Resources by Undergraduate Students of Lagos State University, Lagos

ADELEKE, Olateju Abayomi, and MAKINDE, Omawunmi



The study investigated the access and use of Electronic Information Resources (EIR) among undergraduate students of Lagos State University. The population of the study comprised five thousand and three (5,003) registered users of the library’s e-resources unit, and a sample size of three hundred and eighty-three (383) students was obtained using Taro Yamane formula.  As survey research, a questionnaire was used for data collection while simple random sampling was used to distribute the questionnaires. The findings of the study revealed that undergraduate students used EIR for educational purposes. E-journal was the most used e-resources, while erratic power supply was the major challenge facing the use of the EIR in the university library. The study recommends among others that the university library should create more awareness to promote better use of other forms of EIR, and adequate provision should also be made for an alternative source of power supply either solar energy or generating sets.