Influence of Multimedia on Students Learning of Business Studies in Ekiti State, Nigeria

Ogunlade Bamidele Olusola and Omodara Dennis Oladele



This study examined the influence of Multimedia on students learning of Business studies in Ekiti State Nigeria. This study specifically addressed the teachers’ use of multimedia technology resources for teaching and learning of Business studies in junior secondary schools in Ekiti State. The study adopted the descriptive research design of the survey type with the population of 1,086 teachers. The sample of 300 respondents was selected from 30 public junior secondary schools in Ekiti State, Nigeria.  Multi-stage procedure which involved, simple random, stratified and purposive sampling techniques was used to select respondents for the study. The instrument tagged ‘Students Teachers ’Use of Multimedia for Teaching Business Studies Questionnaire’ (SSUMTBSQ) was used. The instrument was validated by experts. The data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Analysis of Variance was used to test the hypothesis. at 0.05 level of significance. Teachers were not positively disposed to using multimedia technology resources in teaching and learning of business studies in junior secondary schools in Ekiti State. The study, therefore recommended that relevant seminars and workshops should be organized by schools for teachers to increase utilization of multimedia technology resources to promote the development of students’ positive attitude to learning and their academic performance.