1Prof. Aremu, Mukaila Ayanda, 2Mustapha, Adeniyi Mudashiru Ph.D., 3Abdulazeez, Sodiq Olamilekan

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Keywords: Promotional Incentives, Electorates, Candidate, Votes, Politics and Image


Recently, voters are bewildered with high promises by candidates during their campaign, in order for
themto trade off their votes for minor tips they get along the politicking exercise. Political promotional
incentives are therefore an attempt to influence electorate's choice. This study examines the impact of
political promotional incentives on electorates' choice of candidate in Ilorin metropolis. The study
has made use of survey research whereby copies of questionnaire were administered purposefully to a
total number of 400 respondents who were selected from 3 local government areas in Ilorin.The
sample size was determined by using Taro Yamen's formula for determining sample and a total
number of 392 turned the result. Questionnaire was distributed to these individuals. Out of these, 373
were valid and used for the analysis. Regression analysis was used for the collected data. As the pvalue
of the coefficient of independent variable was less than the alpha value of 0.05, findings
revealed that the more politicalpromotional incentives are offered to the electorates, the better they
see a candidate and thus can give him their mandate during election period. The study concluded that
political promotional incentives such as: foodstuffs, money, motorcycles, grinding machines, caps,
umbrella, prizes, gifts, scholarship, books, key-holders, etc, havesignificant impact on electorates'
choice of candidate. The study therefore, recommended that candidates should consider political
promotional incentives as a social good which does not necessarily need to be conditioned on the
intention of running for a political position. It is further recommended that, instead of trading their
vote for money, electorates should support a candidate on the basis of proposition as weighed against
their past record, image and other pertinent considerations should be looked into when making choice
of political candidates.