Habiba Garba Ahmad

  • aje aje
Keywords: Functional, National transformation, Physics education


Education is universally acknowledged to benefit individuals and promote National Development. Quality education is fundamental to National Transformation because it depends on literate and skilled citizenry. It is pertinent to note that among the many challenges of National Transformation, education remains the key agent for the desired transformation. This paper discussed physics as crucial for any nation that wants to maintain its lead among the community of nations and as tools for National Transformation. The Nation as well as the education sector is faced with challenges, ranging from conflicts, strikes, instability, corruption, lack of motivation for teaching personnel and inadequate funding among others. Quality and functional physics Education is an education that is effective, efficient, and sustainable and can provide knowledge and skills which produce values and attitude that offers the basis for transforming conflict itself. This paper concluded that the success of any education is hinged on proper planning, efficient administration, and policy stability, motivation of staff and adequate funding of the educational system. Physics is an essential part of the educational system and of advanced society. The paper further recommended that there is absolute need for Governments at all levels to be committed to the implementation of educational policies especially physics education, for without physics, the technological culture of the citizens cannot be firmly rooted. Collaboration among the Federal, States, Local Governments and relevant educational bodies should also be strengthened.