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Course No Title Unit Status Course Outline E-Note
PGD700 Teaching Practice 4 C
PGD701 History of Educational Development in Nigeria 2 C
PGD702 Curriculum and Instruction 2 C
PGD703 Sociology of Education 2 C
PGD704 Research Methods 2 C
PGD705 Philosophy of Education 2 C
PGD706 Test and Measurement 2 C
PGD707 Educational Psychology 2 C
PGD708 Guidance and Counselling 2 C
PGD709 Education and Information Technology 2 C
PGD710 Educational Administration 2 C
PGD711 General Teaching Methodology 2 C
PGD713 Microteaching 2 C
PGD714 Postgraduate Seminar 2 E
PGD715 Special Education 2 E
PGD716 Comparative Education 2 E
PGD717 Education Law 2 E
PGD799 Research Project 4 C