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Course No Title Unit Status Course Outline E-Note
BCH202 Introductory Physical Biochemistry 3 C
BCH303 Enzymology 3 E
BCH428 Pharmaceutical Biochemistry 2 E
BGY101 General Introductory Biology 3 C
BGY102 Introductory Ecology 2 C
BGY103 General Experimental Biology I 1 C
BGY104 Experimental Biology II 1 C
BGY105 Animal Diversity; Forms and Functions 3 C
BGY106 Plant, Diversity, Forms and Functions 3 C
BGY201 Basic Invertebrate Zoology 3 C
BGY202 Basic Chordate Zoology 3 C
BGY203 Cell Biology and Genetics 3 C
BGY204 Systematic and Morphology of Seed Plant 3 C
BGY205 Introductory Physiology 3 C
BGY302 Parasitology 3 C
BTN301 General Ecology 3 E
BTN306 Plant Physiology 3 R
CHM102 General Organic Chemistry 2 C
CHM103 General Practical Chemistry I 1 C
CHM104 General Inorganic Chemistry 2 C
CHM105 General Physical Chemistry 3 C
CHM201 Analytical Chemistry 3 C
CHM202 Basic Physical Chemistry 3 C
CHM203 Basic Organic Chemistry 3 C
CMP101 Introduction to Computer Science I 3 C
CMP102 Introductions to problem solving 3 C
GNS101 Use of English 1 2 C
GNS102 Use of English II 2 C
GNS103 Beginners? Arabic Reading & Conversation I 1 C
GNS104 Islamic Faith and Practices 1 C
GNS201 Philosophy and Logic 2 C
GNS202 Nigeria People, Culture 2 C
GNS203 Beginners? Arabic Reading & Conversation II 1 C
GNS204 Basic Islamic Concepts 1 C
GNS301 Philosophy of Science/Computer Application 2 C
GSE301 Graduate Self Employment 3 C
MAT101 Algebra and Trigonometry 3 C
MAT102 Calculus 3 C
MCB201 Introductory Microbiology I 3 C
MCB202 Introductory Microbiology II 3 C
MCB204 Laboratory Technique in Microbiology I 2 C
MCB301 Principles of Plant Pathology 2 C
MCB302 Mycology 3 C
MCB303 Immunology & Immunochemistry 2 C
MCB304 Laboratory Practice in Microbiology 2 C
MCB305 Microbial Physiology and Metabolism 3 C
MCB306 Virology 3 C
MCB307 Microbial Genetics and Biotechnology 3 C
MCB308 Bacteriology 3 C
MCB309 Industrial Attachment 3 C
MCB401 Agricultural Microbiology 2 R
MCB402 Soil Microbiology 3 C
MCB403 Environmental Microbiology 3 C
MCB404 Food and Dairy Microbiology 3 C
MCB405 Pharmaceutical Microbiology 3 C
MCB406 Medical Microbiology 3 C
MCB407 Industrial Microbiology 3 C
MCB408 Microbiological Quality Assurance 3 R
MCB409 Epidemiology and Public Health 2 E
MCB410 Petroleum Microbiology 3 E
MCB411 Medical Entomology 2 E
MCB421 Seminars 2 C
MCB499 Research Projects 5 C
PHY101 Mechanics, Thermal physics and Waves 3 C
PHY102 Electricity, Magnetism and Modern Physics 3 C
STA207 Statistics for Agricultural and Biological Sciences I 2 C
STA208 Statistics for Agricultural and Biological Sciences II 2 C