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Course No Title Unit Status Course Outline E-Note
BGY101 General Introductory Biology 3 E
CHM102 General Organic Chemistry 2 E
CHM105 General Physical Chemistry 3 C
CMP101 Introduction to Computer Science 3 C
CMP102 Introduction to Problem Solving 3 C
CMP201 Computer Programming I 3 R
CMP202 Computer Programming II 3 R
CMP304 Data Management I 3 E
CMP314 Operations Research 2 R
CMP316 Compiler Construction I 3 E
GNS101 Use of English I 2 C
GNS102 Use of English II 2 C
GNS103 Beginners? Arabic Reading and Conversation I 1 R
GNS104 Islamic Faith and Practices 1 R
GNS201 Philosophy, Logic and Afro ? Arab Culture 2 C
GNS202 Nigerian Peoples, Cultures and Economy 2 C
GNS203 Beginners? Arabic Reading and Conversation II 1 R
GNS204 Basic Islamic Concepts 1 R
GNS301 Philosophy Of Science And Computer Application 2 C
GSE301 Graduate Self Employment Scheme 3 C
MAT101 Algebra and Trigonometry 3 C
MAT102 Calculus 3 C
MAT103 Vector, Mechanics and Geometry 3 C
MAT201 Mathematical Methods 1 3 C
MAT202 Elementary Differential Equations I 3 C Download
MAT203 Sets, Logic and Algebra 3 C
MAT205 Linear Algebra 1 2 C
MAT206 Linear Algebra II 2 C
MAT207 Real Analysis 3 C
MAT209 Introduction to Numerical Analysis 3 C
MAT210 Vector Analysis 3 C
MAT300 Abstract Algebra 1 3 C
MAT301 Metric Space Topology 3 C
MAT302 Ordinary Differential Equations II 3 C
MAT303 Complex Analysis I 3 C
MAT304 Complex Analysis Ii 3 C
MAT305 Complex Analysis 1 3 C
MAT306 Abstract Algebra II 3 C
MAT307 Real Analysis II 3 C
MAT308 Introduction to Mathematical Modeling 3 C
Mat309 Discrete Mathematics 3 C
MAT310 Mathematical Methods II 3 C
MAT311 Abstract Algebra I 3 C
MAT312 Optimization Theory 3 C
MAT313 Geometry 3 C
MAT314 Analytical Dynamics 3 E
MAT315 Dynamics of a Rigid Body 3 E
MAT316 Introduction to Operations Research 3 C
MAT317 Differential Geometry 3 E
MAT319 Numerical Analysis 3 C
MAT321 Distribution Theory III 2 E
MAT401 Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations 3 C
MAT402 Theory of Partial Differential Equations 3 C
MAT403 Functional Analysis 3 C
MAT405 General Topology 3 C
MAT406 Lebesgue Measure and Integration 3 C
MAT407 Mathematical Methods III 3 C
MAT408 Quantum Mechanics 3 E
MAT409 General Relativity 3 E
MAT410 Electromagnetism 3 E
MAT411 Analytical Dynamics 3 E
MAT412 Field Theory 3 E
MAT413 Fluids Dynamics 3 E
MAT414 Elasticity 3 E
MAT415 Systems Theory 3 E
MAT416 Measure Theory 3 E
MAT417 Numerical Analysis II 3 E
MAT419 Project 5 C
PHY101 Mechanics, Thermal Physics & Waves 3 C
PHY102 Electricity, Magnetism & Modern Physics 3 C
PHY107 General Physics Laboratory I 1 C
PHY108 General Physics Laboratory II 1 C
STA101 Descriptive Statistics 3 C
STA102 Statistical Inference I 3 C
STA103 Probability I 3 C
STA104 Introduction To Probability Distribution 2 C
STA203 Probability II 3 E
STA204 Statistical Inference II 3 C
STA209 Statistics for Physical science and Engineering I 2 C
STA210 Statistics for physical and Engineering sciences II 2 C
STA301 Probability III 3 E