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Course No Title Unit Status Course Outline E-Note
BGY101 General Introduction To Biology 3 R
BGY102 Introduction To Ecology 2 R
CHM102 General Organic Chemistry 2 C
CHM103 General Practical Chemistry 1 1 C
CHM104 General Inorganic Chemistry 1 2 C
CHM105 General Physical Chemistry 3 C
CHM106 General Practical Chemistry II 1 C
CHM201 Analytical Chemistry I 3 C
CHM202 Basic Physical Chemistry 3 C
CHMI05 General Physical Chemistry 3 C
CMP101 Introduction To Computer Science 3 R
CMP102 Introduction To Problem Solving 3 R
CMP201 Computer Programing 1 2 R
CMP202 Computer Programming II 2 E
GEM101 Introduction To Geology 1 2 C
GEM102 Introduction To Geology Ii 2 C Download Download
GEM103 Introduction To Earth History I 1 C
GEM106 Introduction To Earth History Ii 1 C Download Download
GEM201 Physical Geology 2 C
GEM202 Optical Mineralogy 2 C
GEM203 General Petrology 3 C
GEM204 Introduction To Paleontology 2 C
GEM205 Crystallography and Mineralogy 2 C
GEM206 Elementary Survey 2 C Download Download
GEM207 Introduction To Field Geology And Map Interpretation 3 C
GEM208 Mineral Resources and Environmental Geology 2 C
GEM209 Principles Of Stratigraphy 2 C
GEM301 Igneous Petrology 3 C
GEM302 Engineering Geology 3 C
GEM304 Principles Of Geophysics 2 C
GEM305 Geology Of Africa 2 E
GEM306 Photogeology And Remote Sensing 2 C
GEM307 Metamorphic Petrology 3 C
GEM308 Geochemistry 2 C
GEM309 Structural Geology 3 C
GEM310 Sedimentary Petrology 2 C
GEM312 Mapping and Industrial Technics in Geology 3 C
GEM314 Geological Entrepreneurial Skills And Consultancy 2 R Download Download
GEM390 Student Industrial Attachment 3 C
GEM401 Applied Geophysics 3 R
GEM402 Economic Geology 3 C
GEM403 Marine Geology 3 E
GEM404 Geology Of Nigera 2 C
GEM405 Applied Geochemistry And Isotopes 3 C
GEM406 Palynology 2 R
GEM407 Hydrogeology 3 C
GEM408 Engineering Geology 3 C
GEM409 Micropaleontology 3 C
GEM410 Project In Geology 5 C
GEM411 Petroleum Geology 2 C
GEM412 Seminar 1 C
GEM413 Sequence Stratigraphy 2 R
GEM414 Mining Geology 3 E
GEM415 Sedimentology 3 E
GNS101 Use Of English 1 2 C
GNS102 Use Of English Ii 2 C
GNS103 Beginners Arabic Conversation I 1 C
GNS104 Islamic Faith And Practices 1 C
GNS201 Philosophy And Logic 2 C
GNS202 Nigeria People, Culture 2 R
GNS203 Beginners Arabic Conversation Ii 1 C
GNS204 Basic Islamic Concepts 1 R
GNS301 Philosophy of Science, Computer application 2 R
GSE301 Graduate Self Employment 3 R
ICH307 Environmental Chemistry 2 R
MAT101 Algebra And Trigonometry 3 C
MAT102 Calculus 3 C
PHY101 Mechanics, Thermal Physics And Waves 3 C
PHY102 Electricity, Magnetism And Modern Physics 3 C
PHY107 Practical Physics 1 1 C
PHY108 Practical Physics Ii 1 C
PHY204 Waves and Optics 3 R
PHY205 Thermal Physics 3 C
PHY207 Experimental Physics I 1 R
PHY208 Experimental Physics 1 R
STA209 Statistic For Physical Science And Engineering I 2 E
STA210 Statistic For Physical Science And Engineering Ii 2 R