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Course No Title Unit Status Course Outline E-Note
BGY201 Basic Invertebrate Zoology 3 C
BGY202 Basic Chordate Zoology 3 C
BGY203 Cell Biology and Genetics 3 C
BGY204 Systematic and Morphology of Seed Plant 3 C
CMP101 Introduction to Computer Science 3 R
CMP102 Introduction to Problem Solving 3 R
EDT111 Introduction to Historical Philosophical & Psychological Foundations 2 C
EDT112 Psychological and Sociological Foundations of Educational Technology 2 C
EDT113 Science, Technology and Sustainable Development 2 C
EDT114 Introduction to instructional materials Design, Production and Utilization 2 C
EDT211 Audio Visual Techniques 2 C
EDT212 Photography and Cinematography 2 C
EDT213 The Print Media Design and Technology 2 C
EDT214 Instructional Communication Models and Technology 2 C
EDT215 Introduction to Library Studies 2 C
EDT216 Computer in Education 2 C
EDT218 Educational Technology I : Software 2 C
EDT311 Educational Broadcasting 2 C
EDT312 Production Seminars 2 C
EDT313 Low-Cost Technology 2 C
EDT314 Instructional Design & Multimedia Application 2 C
EDT315 Administration and Management of Learning Resources Centres 2 C
EDT316 Educational Technology II : Hardware 2 C
EDT317 Principles of Instruction 2 C
EDT318 Distance Learning Models and Technologies 2 C
EDT320 Production Practical I 2
EDT411 Research Processes and Evaluation in Educational Technology 2 E
EDT412 Community Resource and Development 2 C
EDT414 Information Management and Technology 2 C
EDT416 Educational Technology III: Processes & Settings 2 C
EDT417 Internship/SIWES 2 R
EDT418 Production Practical II 2 C
EDT420 Advanced Library Studies 2 C
EDT422 Instructional Material Evaluation Techniques 2 C
EDU101 Introduction to Teaching Profession 2 C
EDU102 Foundations of Education 2 C
EDU210 Subject Methodology I 2 C
EDU211 Educational Administration 2 C
EDU212 Educational Psychology 2 C
EDU213 Philosophy of Education 2 C
EDU215 Microteaching and Visit 2 C
EDU310 Element of Special Education 2 C
EDU311 Teaching Practice I 2 C
EDU312 Subject Methodology III 2 C
EDU313 Curriculum and Instruction I 2 C
EDU314 Research Methods, Statistics & Data Processing 2 C
EDU315 Educational Technology 2 C
EDU316 ICT in Education 2 C
EDU317 Subject Methodology II 2 C
EDU405 Developmental Psychology 2 C
EDU410 Post-Teaching Practice Evaluation & Remediation 2 C
EDU411 Teaching Practice II 3 C
EDU413 Curriculum and Instruction II 2 C
EDU415 Guidance & Counseling 2 C
EDU417 Test and Measurement 2 C
EDU419 Seminar in Science Education 2 C
EDU499 Research Project 6 C
ENG101 English Language 1 2 R
ENG102 English Language II 2 R
ENG103 Spoken English 2 R
ENG104 Introduction to Nigerian Literature 2 R
ENG105 Literary Appreciation 2 R
ENG106 Basic English Grammar and Composition 3 R
ENG107 Introduction to Fiction 3 E
ENG108 Introduction to Poetry 2 E
ENG109 Introduction to Nigeria Oral Literature 2 E
ENG110 Basic Writing 3 E
ENG111 Introduction to Drama and Theatre 3 R
ENG201 English Syntax I 3 R
ENG202 Advanced Syntax II 3 R
ENG203 Introduction to General Phonetics & Phonology I 3 R
ENG204 Introduction to General Phonetics and Phonology II 3 R
ENG205 Advanced English Composition 2 R
ENG206 History of English Language 3 R
ENG207 Language and Society 3 R
ENG208 English Literature: Neo-Classical Period 3 R
ENG209 English Literature from the Beginning 2 R
ENG210 Creative Writing I 3 R
ENG211 English Literature: Renaissance Period 3 R
ENG212 The African Novel 3 R
GNS101 Use of English I 2 C
GNS102 Use of English II 2 C
GNS103 Beginner Arabic Conversation I 1 C
GNS104 Islamic Faith & Practice 1 C
GNS201 Philosophy and Logic 2 C
GNS202 Nigerian People and Culture 2 C
GNS203 Beginner Arabic Conversation II 1 C
GNS204 Basic Islamic Concept 1 C
GNS301 Philosophy and Logic 2 C
GSE301 Graduate Self-Employment 3 C
LIS111 Introduction to Library and Information Studies 3 C
LIS113 Information to Libraries and Society 3 C
LIS115 History of Libraries and Information Centres 2 C
SED214 History and Philosophy of Science 2 E
SED315 Nigerian Primary/ Secondary School Science Curricula 2 R
SED324 School Science Laboratory 2 R
SED412 Science, Technology and Society 2 R