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Course No Title Unit Status Course Outline E-Note
ACC101 Principles of Accounting 3 C
ACC102 Financial Accounting I 3 C
ACC106 Cost Accounting I 3 C
ACC201 Principles of Accounting II 3 C
ACC202 Management Accounting 3 E
ACC203 Cost Accounting 3 E
ACC301 Advanced Financial Accounting 2 E
ACC302 Principles and Practice of Auditing 2 E
ACC305 Public Sector Accounting 3 E
ACC306 Introduction to Taxation 2 C
ACC405 Nigerian Taxation I 2 C
ACC406 Nigerian Taxation II 3 C
ARB101 Intermediate Arabic Grammar (Al-Nah?wu) 3 E
ARB102 Arabic Composition (Al-Insha) 2 E
ARB103 Arabic Prose &Comprehension (Al-Mahgaratul-Lugawiyyah 2 C
ARB104 Translation from English into Arabic I 3 R
ARB105 Introduction to Arabic Rhetoric (Tareekhul-Bala?agah) 3 C
ARB106 Arabic Morphology I 2 C
ARB110 Intermediate Arabic Grammar II 3 C
ARB111 Arabic Structures I 2 C
ARB112 Intermediate Arabic Rhetoric I 3 C
ARB113 Introduction to Arabic Literature 2 C
ARB201 Arabic Composition II 2 R
ARB202 Translation from and into Arabic II 2 C
ARB203 Arabic Literature Of The Early Islamic Period 2 C
ARB204 Arabic Syntax II 3 C
ARB205 Arabic Morphology II 2 C
ARB206 The Art of Speech Making in Arabic 2 C
ARB207 Intermediate Arabic Reader II 2 C
ARB209 Arabic Structures II 2 C
ARB210 Arabic for Textual Reading II 2 C
ARB215 Arabic Syntax I 3 C
ARB302 Art & Practice of Translation 2 C
ARB303 Arabic Rhetoric II 2 C
ARB304 Arabic Prosody II 2 C
ARB305 Arabic Composition & Translation 1 C
ARB306 Development of Arabic Grammar 2 C
ARB308 Arabic Phonetics 2 C
ARB309 Arabic Syntax III 3 C
ARB318 Advanced Arabic Syntax I 3 C
ARB320 Advanced Arabic Rhetoric I 2 C
ARB401 Modern Arabic Literature 2 C
ARB403 Modern Arabic Literature in Nigeria 2 C
ARB404 Advanced Arabic Rhetoric III 2 C
ARB405 Advanced Arabic syntax II 3 C
ARB406 The Theatre in Arabic 3 C
ARB408 Modern Arabic Literacy Criticism 2 C
BAN101 Introduction to Finance 2 C
BAN102 Introduction to Banking Laws 2 E
BAN201 Business and Corporate Finance 2 C
BAN202 Business and Corporate Finance II 3 C
BUS101 The Organization of Business 2 C
BUS104 Introduction to Management and Society 3 C
BUS201 Production Management 3 E
CAI101 Curriculum and Instruction I 2 C
CAI102 Introduction to Educational Technology 2 C
CAI201 Curriculum and Instruction II 2 C
CAI202 Subject Methodology I 2 C
CAI204 Educational Technology 11 2 C
CAI301 Teaching Practice I 2 C
CAI401 Teaching Practice 11 2 C
CAI402 Curriculum planning and development 2 C
CMP101 Introduction to Computer 3 E
CMP210 Computer Application 3 C
ECO101 Principles of Economics I 3 C
ECO102 Principles of Economics II 3 C
ECO103 Mathematics for Economics I 2 C
ECO105 Introduction to Islamic Economic System 2 C
ECO110 Mathematics for Economics I 2 C
ECO114 Introduction to Statistics I 2 C
ECO201 Micro-Economic Analysis I 3 C
ECO202 Macro-Economic Analysis I 3 C
ECO203 History and Structure if Nigerian Economy I 2 C
ECO204 History of Economic Thought I 2 C
ECO205 Introduction to Statistics II 2 C
ECO206 Mathematics for Economics II 2 C
ECO208 Economics of Production & Consumption in Islam 2 C
ECO209 Labour Economics 2 C
ECO210 History and Structure of Nigerian Economy II 2 C
ECO301 Micro Economic Analysis II 3 C
ECO302 Macro Economic Analysis II 3 C
ECO303 Environmental Economics 2 C
ECO304 Econometrics 2 C
ECO305 Applied Statistics I 2 C
ECO306 Development Economics 2 C
ECO307 Element of Public Policy 2 C
ECO308 Public Finance I 2 C
ECO309 Islamic Economic Analysis 2 C
ECO310 Application of Computers to Economics 2 R
ECO311 International Economics 2 E
ECO312 Operations Research 2 E
ECO314 Applied Monetary Economics 2 R
ECO315 Agricultural Economics 2 R
ECO316 Economics of Zakat 2 E
ECO401 Advanced Micro Economics 3 C
ECO402 Advanced Macro Economics 3 C
ECO403 Project Evaluation 2 C
ECO404 Comparative Economic System 2 C
ECO405 Economic Planning 2 C
ECO406 Public Finance II 3 C
ECO407 Problems & Policies of Development 2 C
ECO409 Economics of Production 2 C
ECO410 Applied Statistics II 2 E
ECO411 Petroleum Economics 2 E
ECO412 Advanced Islamic Economic Analysis 2 R
ECO413 Economics of Islamic Welfarism 2 E
ECO416 Islamic Concept of Economic Development 2 R
ECO499 Research Project (Long Essay) 5 C
EDF101 introduction to Educational Foundations 2 C
EDF102 Educational Psychology I 2 C
EDF201 Educational Psychology II 2 C
EDF202 Educational Enquiry and Measurement 2 C
EDU101 Introduction to Educational Foundation 2 C
EDU102 Adolescent Psychology 2 C
EDU103 Curriculum and Instruction I 2 C
EDU104 Special Education 2 C
EDU105 Foundations of Education 2 C
EDU106 Introduction to Teaching Profession 2 C
EDU107 Foundations of Education 2 C
EDU108 Foundations of Education 2 C
EDU109 Human Growth and Development 2 C
EDU201 Comparative Education 2 C
EDU202 Subject Methodology I 2 C
EDU203 Curriculum and Instruction II 2 C
EDU204 Educational Technology 2 C
EDU205 Tests and Measurement 2 C
EDU206 Sociology of Education 2 C
EDU207 Micro Teaching 2 C
EDU210 Subject Method I 2 C
EDU211 Educational Administration 2 C
EDU212 Educational Psychology 2 C
EDU213 Philosophy of Education 2 C
EDU214 Comparative Education 2 C
EDU215 Micro-Teaching and School Visit 2 C
EDU216 Sociological Foundations of Education 2 C
EDU301 Developmental Psychology 2 C
EDU302 Subject Methodology II 2 C
EDU303 First aid, Hygiene and Safety Education 2 C
EDU304 Research Methods / Statistics 2 C
EDU305 Psychology of Learning 2 C
EDU306 Philosophy of Education 2 C
EDU401 Teaching Practice II 2 C
EDU402 Curriculum Planning and Development 2 C
EDU403 Educational Administration 2 C
EDU404 ICT in Education 2 C
EDU405 Developmental Psychology 2 C
EDU406 Guidance and Counselling 2 C
EDU499 Research Project 5 C
ENG301 Contemporary English Usage 3 C
GNS101 Use of English 1 2 C
GNS102 Use of English II 2 C
GNS103 Beginners Arabic Conversation 1 1 C
GNS104 Basic Concepts of Islam 1 C
GNS201 Philosophy, Logic & Afro-Arab Civilization 2 C
GNS202 Nigerian People, Culture & the Economy 2 C
GNS203 Beginners Arabic Conversation 11 1 C
GNS204 Basic Concepts of Islam 1 C
GNS301 Philosophy of Science & Computer Application 2 C
GSE301 Graduate Self-Employment 3 C
HIS106 Islamic Revolutions in West Africa 3 C
HIS207 Africa and European Imperialism 3 C
HIS210 European from French Revolution to World War II 3 E
HIS308 Africa and Outside World Since 1900 3 C
ISS102 Islamic Fundamentals II 2 E
ISS104 Islamic Fundamentals IV As-Sawm (Fasting) 2 C
ISS106 Classical Foundations of Islamic Civilization 2 C
ISS107 Islamic Fundamentals II As-salat (Prayer) 2 C
ISS108 Islamic Fundamentals V Hajj (Pilgrimage) 2 C
ISS109 Biography of the Holy Prophet Muhammad 2 C
ISS112 Basic Concepts of Islam II 2 C
ISS202 The Abbasid Period of Islam 2 E
ISS204 Introduction to the Qur?an 2 C
ISS206 Textual Study of the Hadith 2 C
ISS208 Introduction to the Hadith 2 C
ISS302 Introduction to Islamic Theology 2 E
ISS304 Islamic Family Law 3 C
ISS305 Qu?ranic Exegesis and Exegetes 3 R
ISS306 Qur?anic Text 2 C
ISS307 Textual Study of Hadith II 2 C
ISS308 Islamic Institutions 3 C
ISS316 Status of Women in Islam 2 R
ISS401 Qadriyyah and Tijaniyyah Sufi Order 2 E
ISS402 Modern Reforming Movements in Islam 2 E
ISS406 Hadith Text III 2 R
ISS408 Islam in Nigeria 2 C
ISS410 Islamic Historiography 3 R
POS102 Organization of Government 3 E
POS104 Nigeria Legal System I 3 E
POS106 Introduction to Local Government System 3 C
POS108 Introduction to Conflict Management II 3 C
POS201 Nigeria Politics I 2 C
POS204 Nigerian Legal System II 2 C
POS205 Introduction to International Relations 3 R
POS206 Introduction to Political Analysis 2 C
POS207 Introduction to Comparative Politics 3 C
POS212 Political Ideas 2 C
POS301 Politics Thoughts I 2 E
POS302 Nigerian Politics II 2 C
POS303 Public Administration in Nigeria 3 C
POS305 Political Behaviour 2 C
POS306 Theories of International Relations 3 C
POS307 Politics of Development and Underdevelopment 3 C
POS308 Contemporary Political Relations 2 R
POS312 Foreign Political Analysis 2 C
POS314 International Economic Relations 3 R
POS401 Development Administration 3 C
POS402 State and Economy 2 C
POS403 Conflict Management in Independent Africa 2 R
POS406 Personnel Administration 3 C
POS407 Politics Thoughts II 2 R
POS408 Military in Politics 3 R
POS409 Democratic Practice in Africa 2 C
POS411 Public Financial Management 2 E
POS412 African Political Thoughts 3 C