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Course No Title Unit Status Course Outline E-Note
ACC101 Principles of Accounting 3 R
ACC102 Financial Accounting I 3 R
ACC107 Cost Accounting 3 R
ACC201 Principle of Accounting II 3 R
ACC202 Management Accounting 3 R
BAN101 Intro. to Banking & Finance 3 R
BAN102 Introduction Banking Law 3 R
BAN201 Business and Corporate Finance 3 E
BAN202 Business and Corporate Finance 3 E
BUS101 The organization of Business 3 R
BUS104 Intro. to Mgt & Society 3 E
BUS201 Production Management 3 R
CMP101 Intro. to Computer 3 R
CMP102 Introduction to problem solving 3 R
ECO101 Principles of Economics I 3 C
ECO102 Principles of Economics II 3 C
ECO103 Mathematics for Economics I 2 C
ECO105 Intro to Islamic Economics system 2 C
ECO110 Mathematics for Economics 2 C
ECO114 Introduction to Statistics I 2 C
ECO201 Microeconomics analysis 1 3 C
ECO202 Macroeconomics Analysis 1 3 C
ECO203 History & Structure of Nigeria Economy I 2 C
ECO204 History Economy Thought I 2 C
ECO205 Introduction to statistics II 2 C
ECO206 Mathematics for Economics 2 C
ECO208 Islamic Economics of Production 2 C
ECO209 Labour Economics/Industrial economics 2 C
ECO211 Theories of Human Resources Management 2 E
ECO213 Urban Regional Economics 2 E
ECO214 Monetary Economics 2 R
ECO301 Microeconomics Analysis II 3 C
ECO302 Macroeconomics Analysis II 3 C
ECO303 Environmental Economics 2 C
ECO304 Research Methods and Econometrics 3 C
ECO305 Applied statistics I 2 C
ECO306 Development Economics 2 C
ECO307 Element of Public Policy 2 C
ECO308 Public Finance I 2 C
ECO309 Islamic Economic Analysis 2 C
ECO310 Application of Computers to Economics 2 R
ECO311 International Economics 2 R
ECO312 Operations Research 2 C
ECO313 Marxist Political Economy 2 E
ECO314 Applied Monetary Economics 2 R
ECO315 Agricultural Economics 2 R
ECO316 Economics of Zakat 2 E
ECO401 Advanced Microeconomics 3 C
ECO402 Advanced Macroeconomics 3 C
ECO403 Project Evaluation 2 C
ECO404 Comparative Economic System 2 C
ECO405 Economic Planning 2 C
ECO406 Public Finance II 2 C
ECO407 Problems & Policies of Development 2 C
ECO408 Taxation and Fiscal Policy 2 E
ECO409 Economics of Production 2 E
ECO410 Applied Statistics II 3 R
ECO411 Petroleum Economics 1 2 E
ECO412 Advanced Islamic Economic Analysis 2 R
ECO413 Economics of Islamic Welfarism 2 R
ECO414 Banking and Finance 2 E
ECO415 Agricultural Policy and Planning 2 E
ECO416 Islamic Concept of Economic Development 2 E
ECO417 Advanced Mathematics Economics 2 E
ECO418 Advanced Econometrics 3 R
ECO420 Petroleum Economics II 2 E
ECO499 Research Project 5 C
GNS101 Use of English I 2 C
GNS102 Use of English II 2 C
GNS103 Beginners? Arabic & Conversation 1 C
GNS104 Basic Concept of Islam 1 C
GNS201 Philosophy, Logic & Afro Arab Culture 2 R
GNS202 Nigeria People, Culture & Economy 2 R
GNS203 Intermediate Arabic Reader 1 C
GNS204 Basic Islamic Concepts 1 C
GNS301 Philosophy of Science & Computer App. 2 C
GSE301 Graduate Self Employment Entrepreneurship 3 R
MGS202 Elements of Government 3 R