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Course No Title Unit Status Course Outline E-Note
ACC208 Introduction to Business Law 2 C
ACC311 Business Law I 2 C
ACC312 Business Law II 2 C
BAN308 Company Law 2 R
BAN309 Business Law 2 R
BUS306 Company Law 2 C
BUS309 Business Law 2 C
CMP101 Introduction to Computer Science I 3 R
CMP102 Introduction to Computer Science II 3 R
ECO101 Principles of Economics I 3 R
ECO102 Principles of Economics II 3 R
ENG104 Introduction to Nigerian Literature 2 R
ENG107 Introduction to Fiction 3 R
GNS101 Use of English Language I 2 C
GNS102 Use of English Language II 2 C
GNS103 Beginners' Arabic Reader and Conversation I 1 C
GNS104 Islamic Faith and Practices 1 C
GNS201 Philosophy and Logic, Afro-Arab Civilization 2 C
GNS202 Nigerian People, Culture and the Economy 2 C
GNS203 Beginners' Arabic Reader and Conversation II 1 C
GNS204 Basic Islamic Concepts 1 C
GNS301 Philosophy of Science and Application 2 C
GSE301 Graduate Self-Employment 3 C
GSE302 Practical 1 C
ISL101 Introduction to Islamic Law I 2 C
ISL102 Introduction to Islamic Law II 2 C
ISL207 Application of Islamic Law in Nigeria I 2 R
ISL208 Application of Islamic Law in Nigeria II 2 R
LAW599 Long Essay 6 C
PBL101 Introduction to Private and Business Law I 2 R
PBL102 Introduction to Private and Business Law II 2 R
PBL201 Law of Contract I 4 C
PBL202 Law of Contract II 4 C
PBL203 Family Law I 4 E
PBL204 Family Law II 4 E
PBL205 Industrial Law I 4 E
PBL206 Industrial Law II 4 E
PBL301 Commercial Law I 4 C
PBL302 Commercial Law II 4 C
PBL303 Law of Torts I 4 C
PBL304 Law of Torts II 4 C
PBL305 Customary Law I 4 E
PBL306 Customary Law II 4 E
PBL307 Banking and Insurance Law I 4 E
PBL308 Banking and Insurance Law II 4 E
PBL401 Land Law I 4 C
PBL402 Land Law II 4 C
PBL403 Equity and Trust I 4 C
PBL404 Equity and Trust II 4 C
PBL405 Intellectual Property Law I 4 E
PBL406 Intellectual Property Law II 4 E
PBL407 Revenue Law I 4 E
PBL408 Revenue Law II 4 E
PBL409 Oil and Gas Law I 4 E
PBL410 Oil and Gas Law II 4 E
PBL501 Company Law I 4 C
PBL502 Company Law II 4 C
PBL503 Nigerian Law of Succession I 4 E
PBL504 Nigerian Law of Succession II 4 E
PBL505 Alternative Dispute Resolution I 4 E
PBL506 Alternative Dispute Resolution II 4 E
PBL507 Legal Drafting andConveyancing 4 E
PBL508 Legal Drafting andConveyancing 4 E
PIL101 Legal Method I 2 C
PIL102 Legal Method II 2 C
PIL103 Introduction to Constitutional Law I 2 R
PIL104 Introduction to Constitutional Law II 2 R
PIL201 Nigerian Legal System I 4 C
PIL202 Nigerian Legal System II 4 C
PIL203 Constitutional Law I 4 C
PIL204 Constitutional Law II 4 C
PIL205 Administrative Law I 4 E
PIL206 Administrative Law II 4 E
PIL207 Environmental Law I 4 E
PIL208 Environmental Law II 4 E
PIL301 Criminal Law I 4 C
PIL302 Criminal Law II 4 C
PIL303 Information and Communication Technology LawI 4 E
PIL304 Information and Communication Technology Law II 4 E
PIL401 Law of Evidence I 4 C
PIL402 Law of Evidence II 4 C
PIL403 Moot Court and Legal Practice I 1 C
PIL404 Research Methodology And Field Work 1 C
PIL405 Human Right Law I 4 E
PIL406 Human Rights Law II 4 E
PIL407 Conflict of Law I 4 E
PIL408 Conflict of Law II 4 E
PIL409 Criminal and Civil Procedure 2 R
PIL410 Criminal and Civil Procedure II 2 R
PIL501 Jurisprudence and Legal Theory I 4 C
PIL502 Jurisprudence and Legal Theory II 4 C
PIL503 Criminology I 4 E
PIL504 Criminology II 4 E
PIL505 Health Care Law I 4 E
PIL506 Health Care Law II 4 E
PIL507 Public International Law I 4 E
PIL508 Public International Law II 4 E
PIL509 Law and Social Change 2 R
PIL510 Law and Social Change 2 R
POS101 Introduction to Political Science I 3 R
POS102 Introduction to Political Science II 3 R
POS104 Nigeria Legal System 3 C
POS204 Nigeria Legal System II 2 C