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Course No Title Unit Status Course Outline E-Note
ACC101 Principles of Accounting I 3 R
ACC102 Financial Accounting Theory 3 R
ACC105 Mathematics for Accounting I 3 C
ACC106 Introduction to Management Accounting 3 R
ACC107 Introduction to cost Accounting 3 R
ACC201 Principles of Accounting 3 R
ACC202 Management Accounting 3 R
ACC203 Cost Accounting 3 R
BAN101 Introduction to Banking & Finance 3 E
BUS101 Organisation of Business 3 C
BUS102 Business Communication 2 C
BUS104 Introduction to Management and Society 3 C
BUS105 Mathematics for Business 2 C
BUS106 Mathematics for Business II 2 C
BUS108 Statistics for Business I 2 C
BUS201 Production Management 3 C
BUS202 Introduction to Financial Management 3 C
BUS204 Elements of Marketing II 3 C
BUS205 Introduction to statistics II 2 C
BUS206 Management Theory I 3 C
BUS301 Human Resources Management 3 C
BUS302 Management Information Systems I 3 C
BUS303 Management Theory II 3 C
BUS304 Distribution and Sales Management 3 R
BUS305 Industrial Relations and Labour Economics 3 C
BUS306 Company Law 2 C
BUS307 Organizational Behaviour 3 E
BUS309 Business Law 2 C
BUS310 Financial Management 3 E
BUS311 Comparative Management 3 C
BUS314 Research Methods 3 C
BUS401 Business Policy and Strategic Management I 3 C
BUS402 Analysis for Business Decisions 3 C
BUS405 Advanced Management Theory 3 E
BUS406 Manpower Training and Development 3 E
BUS408 Operations Management 3 C
BUS409 International Business 3 C
BUS410 Entrepreneurial Development 3 C
BUS411 Management Information Systems II 3 C
BUS412 Business Policy and Strategic Management II 3 C
BUS499 Research Project 5 C
CMP101 Introduction to computer 3 R
CMP102 Introduction to Problem Solving 3 R
ECO101 Principles of Economics I 3 R
ECO102 Principles of Economics II 3 R
ECO105 Introduction to Islamic Economic System 2 R
ECO201 Micro Economic Analysis 3 R
ECO202 Macro Economic Analysis 3 R
ECO205 Introduction to statistics II 2 C
GNS101 Use of English I 2 C
GNS102 Use of English II 2 C
GNS103 Beginners? Arabic Reading & Conversation 1 C
GNS104 Islamic Faith and Practices 1 C
GNS201 Philosophy, Logic and Afro-Arab Culture 2 C
GNS202 Nigeria People, Culture & the Economy 2 C
GNS203 Beginners? Arabic Reading & Conversation II 1 C
GNS204 Basic Islamic Concepts 1 C
GNS301 Philosophy of Science & Computer Application 2 C
GSE301 Graduate Self-Employment 3 C
MGS202 Elements of Government 3 C
MGS301 Business Law 2 C
MGS302 Company Law 2 C
MKT201 Elements of marketing I 3 C
MKT204 Elements of Marketing II 3 C
MKT301 Consumer Behaviour 3 E
MKT302 Distribution and Sales Management 3 C
MKT304 Principles of Purchasing and Supply Management 3 C
MKT312 Promotion and Integrated Marketing Communications 3 E
MKT402 Marketing Management 3 C
MKT405 Marketing Research 3 C
MKT407 Internet Marketing 3 E