18 New Academic Programmes to commence


At the 96th Meeting of the Senate, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Taofeek Ibrahim, FWCAP, disclosed that Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC) Resource Verification Teams had visited the University and had all given satisfactory remarks at the end of the exercise for new programmes to be commenced by Al-Hikmah University by the begining of 2018/2019 academic session.

The Programmes are:

  1. Ph.D Arabic
  2. Ph.D Islamic Studies
  3. M.A English
  4. M. Ed. Islamic Studies
  5. M.Ed Arabic Language
  6. M. Ed Educational Management
  7. BSc. Sociology
  8. BSc. Public Administration
  9. BSc. Public Health
  10. BSc. Library and Information Science
  11. BSc. Medical Laboratory Science
  12. B.Ed. Education Technology
  13. BSc. Petroleum Chemistry
  14. BSc. Software Engineering
  15. BSc. Cyber Security
  16. BSc. Information System
  17. BSc. Industrial Mathematics
  18. BSc. Physics with Electronics

A total of twelve (12) teams visited Al-Hikmah University for the Verification exercise.

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