Design and Implementation of Electronic Election Campaign System

1. Salau-Ibrahim, T.T. and 2 Abdulsalam, S.O.

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Keywords: Information Systems, System Analysis, Software Engineering, Election Campaign, Campaign Violence, face-to- face canvassing


Researches have been conducted over the years till date on the importance of election campaign in the fields of electoral studies, political studies and the use of information systems to assist the process. The use of computer technology in developing information systems to support several aspects of election campaign has also continued to evolve. System analysis best practices on the use of qualitative research methodology, Unified Modelling Language (UML) to enhance communication as well as rapid prototyping tools were explored and those well suited were used effectively. The emphasis of this work is to deduce how to provide computer support to improve gathering, analysis of data and information from face-to-face canvassing as well as conducting effective get-out-the-vote (GOTV) activities before and on election day. The system will be web based in order to ease communication and user interaction with the system. As one might expect for web based systems, Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) will be used to display results in the web browser that will be visible to the user. Therefore, in this work, PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) was used for coding the core logic of the system and this runs on Apache web server, JavaScript for validation and printing facility, cascading style sheet (CSS) and lastly MySQL for database all residing on Apache web server. The present application will assist campaign managers, staff, as well as volunteers to carry out their duties more accurately and effectively.