Protective Potentials of Vernonia amygdalina Leaf Extracts on Cadmium-Induced Hepatic Damage

1Oloyede, H.O.B., 1Abdulkareem, H.O., *1Salawu, M.O. and 2Ajiboye, T.O.

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Keywords: Hepatic damage, cadmium, antioxidant, Vernonia amygdalina leaf


The protective potentials of Vernonia amygdalina (bitter leaf) leaf extracts on cadmium-induced hepatic damage were investigated. Thirty five (35) female Wistar rats were completely randomized into 7 groups (A-G) of 5 rats each. Group A received 0.5 ml distilled water only; group B received 10 mg/kg body weight CdCl2; group C received the standard drug, silymarin; groups D and E received 50 and 100 mg/kg body weight of leaf extract of V. amygdalina (LEVA) respectively; while groups F and G received 50 and 100 mg/kg body weight of squeezed leaf extract V. amygdalina (SLEVA) respectively. The animals in groups C-G were orally administered 10 mg/kg body weight CdCl2 3 hours after the oral administration of silymarin or the extract for 10 days. There was a significant reduction (p<0.05) in the serum total protein and albumin concentrations in the animals intoxicated with cadmium when compared to the normal control group with the pre-administration of silymarin or Vernonia amygdalina leaf extracts. There were also significant reduction (p<0.05) in the superoxide dismutase activity and reduced glutathione concentrations in the liver of intoxicated rats. The catalase activity and malondialdehyde concentrations in the liver of the intoxicated untreated rats were however, significantly increased (p<0.05) compared to the normal control group and the extract-treated groups. The results suggest that the processed Vernonia amygdalina leaf extract exhibited protective potentials against liver damage with the SLEVA having the highest potentials. This might be due to the antioxidant properties contained in the extract. It can therefore be concluded from the above results that processed Vernonia amygdalina leaf extract have protective effect against cadmium- induced hepatic damage in female albino rats.