Design of Intelligence Gathering Model: A Semantic Web Based Approach

  • ajpas ajpas
Keywords: Semantic web, Thematic, Spatial, Temporal, Intelligence Gathering


Intelligence information gathering, investigation and analysis are vital components of security management in any given society. The ability to know what, where and when events occur is a key element of investigation process especially in a large dataset. This is a thematic, spatial and temporal (TST) reporting issue. Semantic Web technologies such as Resource Description Framework (RDF), Resource Description Framework Schema (RDFS) and Web Ontology Language (OWL) have been discovered to be a good approach to solving this problem. In this study, the researchers proposed a semantic web based intelligence gathering model for TST using OWL ontology, which has more expressive constructs than RDF. The study further demonstrated the use of Semantic Query-enhanced Web Rule Language (SQWRL), Semantic Web Rule Language (SWRL), Jess and OWL APIs for ontology reasoning and inferences. The model presents university ontology, which could be applied in implementing security intelligence gathering in university community. Thus, this paper established the possibility of gathering intelligence information that satisfied TST through semantic web based tools.